Meet the Team

Jerome Ariganello - Owner/Business Manager

Jerome started Michael Birawer Paintings way back in 2002 when he, Michael and Michael's wife, Nikki, sat down and hatched the idea to make Michael's work accessible to everyone. With Jerome's long history in the Arts and Entertainment industry combined with a strong friendship, MBP turned into what you see today. Still a "family" owned and operated business continuing to expand Michael's incredible art to the world. The best part about it - we have a lot of fun doing it!

Born and raised in Detroit, Jerome now lives in Seattle.  He is frequently back in the Twin Cities for business meetings, shows and just to hang out with the family and have some local brews. While all the painting goes through Michael, as Business Manager, all business and day-to-day operations of MBP are run by Jerome. 

Bill Birawer - Production Manager

If that name looks familiar, well that's because Bill is Michael's younger brother. An amazing artist himself, Bill has been the Production Manager and incredible Jack of All Trades since joining in 2004. A master printer, he is responsible for creating all, and we're talking all, of the reproductions of Michael's work. Bill also runs the gallery, is the webmaster, oversees the shipping, and a million other things.